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An example of a Bachelors Degree Letter for application to colleges, and universities. - Network4Musicians


An example of a Bachelors Degree Letter for application to colleges, and universities.

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Created by: Kevin Robb
Sun, March 09 2014
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To Whom It May Concern:

      The intent of this letter is to outline my musical aspirations, and how the  ______ will help me reach them; as well as to highlight why I should be considered for acceptance of the program.

            I have been active in music since I was _____ years old, and being __current_age__ I feel I now know the direction I want to be heading in. Although academically I have only been involved in music for the last _____ years, I feel that my experience leading up to my schooling made for a great proving ground, building up the natural musicality, and experience with others that is such a fundamental part of the musician. In growing up, my aspirations were to become a great _____, as it were. Although deeply rooted in __music_style__ and _____ genres, going to school in the realm of [Classical] music has really opened my eyes so far, and humbled my views on music, and the world.
             In my few years of schooling I have also completed a __certificate_or_degree__ of _____, and have __other_music_related_achievements. I have worked with a number of artists, all ranging in genre, and I feel that this aspect of my life has helped my musicality vastly. This is because of the communication between artists, organization, and troubleshooting needed to __music_related_activities. This also helps me, because as a ____ I am constantly training, and honing my ears to pick up on every last minute detail; which is a big help when working with other musicians. Another aspect of use in consideration for my acceptance, is that I have been actively working and gigging as a musician [in studio, solo work, and as a guitarist and singer etc.] for a few different active bands for many years. I also feel that as a ______ student in the ____ program at Douglas College, Michael Strutt (student of Julian Bream) has been a great teacher, mentor, and motivator, and has given me a great outlook on the instrument, which I am looking forward to further develop at _______.
            My career goal is simple: I want to teach. Whether it be privately, in high school, or perhaps even a level of post secondary, I know I want to teach music and spread the joy that music gives me, to people who share this pleasure. After completion of the Bachelors Degree, I want to pursue either a Masters Degree in musical performance, or a Masters’ Degree in Education. If I decide to go in the performance route I will want to complete the training necessary to teach at a higher level afterwards. Either way, I feel the end result will be teaching, and I feel both routes will set me up for a valid career in performance teaching, and spreading the joy of music.
            The courses specific to the program are exactly what I think an active musician in today’s world needs to be successful in their career. Courses such as Performance Technique and Career Opportunities, are in my opinion very important and helpful for today’s musician; in that it can actually propel them into a career, and a give them a presupposed understanding of how the music industry works, and how it will work for them. I also feel that the intimacy of courses such as Advanced Rhythm Studies with ____ really opens up a world of understanding that one cannot attain with large classes. I noticed this when I audited one of his classes in February. Other aspect of the programs’ course load such as Creative Music Improvisation, opens up a vital piece of the modern musicians’ skill set, that I feel is lacking in similar Bachelor programs.
            Lastly, I feel that_____ is the perfect place for me, because as much love as I hold for Classical music, I equally hold a spot for New Music, Contemporary, and Jazz. After a great tour and interview with _______ at ______, I am convinced that this is the place for me to also dabble in the fields described above, at a highly academic level.
            My outlook on life is a positive one. I believe the reason for this, is the way in which music has touched my soul in such a manner that is far too perplexing to describe in mere words. This is because of the absolute joy music brings me. The term absolute joy may also propose problems in regard to a simple definition, but I know that for me, the definition lies in whatever it is that music does to me. I find that whether it be in practice, performance, or listening, I am transported to a mindset of the moment at hand being the dearest, and most important thing to my very being. It is this feeling that compelled me to pursue a career in music, and if given the chance to teach – to influence this feeling of absolute joy in others, I will feel that I have met a major personal goal in life.

            With that being said, I feel that the facilities, sense of community, instructors, and courses that ___________’s Bachelor of ________ Degree has to offer will best fulfill my personal, philosophical, and musical career ambitions which will in turn, propel me to a place of absolute joy.

            Thank you for your time; and I hope that after reading this letter you will agree that this program is the right path for me to take, and will propel me into the long and happy journey, that is a life in music.

            Thank you for my consideration with the utmost sincerity,

            Kevin Robb.

an example of a Bachelors Degree Letter for application to colleges, and universities.

anexample ofaBachelorsDegreeLetterforapplicationtocollegesanduniversitieswritekevinrobb

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