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Teach Music Online with N4M Tools - Network4Musicians


Teach Music Online with N4M Tools

How-to Articles ◦ Teaching
Created by: Network 4 Musicians
Sun, June 12 2016
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Using N4M's new Online Lesson Center I will show you how easy it is to create your own online music lessons studio, take payments online, and even ways to find yourself tons of new students in a global marketplace.

Why Teach Online?
Teaching music online can allow you greater freedom in who, when, and how often you teach lessons, as well as the freedom to avoid commuting or having to have students come visit you at your studio.

Teaching online also allows you to take payments instantly and effortlessly, as well as allowing you to teach "globally" and, therefore, during any time of the day or night.
  • No travel time
  • Teach anywhere (bring your laptop and go)
  • Global audience/student base (means more potential students!)
  • Instant payments
  • Work nights if you want (work anytime you want)
  • Supplement your physical music practice
  • Helpful shared music tools online

There are lots of benefits to teaching online, and the draw-backs are very few: internet lag time and connection problems.

Get Started Teaching Online

If you don't have an account with Network 4 Musicians then signup.
If you already have an account with Network 4 Musicians then login and click the Home button in the N4M menubar at the top of the page (next to: Logout, Events, Resources, etc.).

Next, you'll want to click the link titled: Show all apps on one page.
Then click on the Teacher Tools icon.
Then click on the Teach Online icon.
Next click on Online Education Center

Now enter all of the information to help describe what kind of lessons you offer.

First, enter your Lesson Name or the name of your lesson studio so that students can find you.

Now enter what type of lessons you teach in the Lessons/Subjects Offered field; so, for instance, if you teach Electric Guitar, Drums, and Music Theory then write that here, and write a short biography or sales pitch in the Biography field.

At this point you can simply click the Open Education Center button at the bottom of the page and send the Share URL to all you your current and future students, but if you'd like new students to find you, and to accept payments online, then keep reading.

Taking Online Payments

First enter your payment email(s) and make sure that they are correct (otherwise you won't get paid).

[To take payment you will need to setup IPN (Instant Payment Notification) through your desired merchant account (for example: PayPal and/or Payza) instructions for how to do this simple task are viewable by clicking the enable IPN link under Lesson Pricing.]

Next, you'll want to add all of the lesson types and lengths you intend to offer.
Enter a Caption/Title such as "Guitar Lessons," then a Description/Sales Pitch as well as a Price, a Length of time, such as 30 minutes ,and the type of Currency you want to convert funds into and then click the Add Price Point button.

Students will see your added Price Points for sale in the Payment tab of your lounge.

Next enter in an Advertised Price and length of time which will show to new potential students and entice them to give your lessons a try.

Finding New Students

Next is the List My Lessons on N4M toggle switch.
Turning the switch ON will show a button to take lessons online on your N4M EPK under the lessons tab, and will also have your Online Lesson Center listed live on the N4M Online Music Teacher Lessons page:

Students clicking on your lesson listing will enter your Lesson Center Lounge (the place where all potential new students start out) and from there they can chat with you if they have questions or concerns, or they can just purchase one of the Price Points you added earlier.

After their payment has gone through: the payment info will show up in your lounges Payment tab.

You can now easily send a new Studio link to the student and/or invite them to a Skype voice or video call or to a Google Hangout.

Online Teaching Tools

We continue to add new tools to aid in your online lessons, so check your lesson center frequently to see if new tools have been added.

A shared whiteboard so that you and your students can draw and communicate with each other much like the same as you would in a standard classroom or music studio

A shared music notation editor acts like many notation programs you've used (Sibelius etc.) and allows you to speak in music notation with your students in real-time.

A shared music tablature editor allows you to speak in a language easily understood by most electric guitarists and bassists, but being able to remove strings allows you to also teach: ukulele, banjo, mandolin, etc.

Shared and private lesson timers so you can count how long the lesson has been running, but also get alerted when private timers go off so you know when to change subjects or techniques.

Most of the shared tools allow the student to save copies of the notation, tab, or whatever so they can reference it later.

Getting Even More Students

Once you turn your live lessons you will see your Share URL, copy this web address and post it to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. so that new students can always connect with you.

Try posting an ad to Craigslist or eBay Classifieds (Kijiji) stating you offer online lessons, or create physical posters with your Share URL and put them up in your city.

How to use Network 4 Musicians to easily teach lessons online and to find new students

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