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How To Write Articles for n4m - Network4Musicians


How To Write Articles for n4m

How-to Articles ◦ Tutorial
Created by: Network 4 Musicians
Fri, December 20 2013
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How to Write Articles for the

To get started writing an article you can go up to the Resources menu and click on Create.

From there click the button titled Create, and then enter the correct information, and write your article.

If you are posting a video then make sure to give a good description, writeup, list of keywords, and anything else to help people find your video.

When you have finished (or even before your start) you can set your Google Adsense publisher-ID by editing your profile:

Click Home (or Login if you don't see Home)

Then click on Edit Profile.

Then click on the Ad Share button and enter your Google Adsense publisher id (including "pub-") and click Save ID.

Next: You must create a New ad unit on Google Adsense if you haven't already — to enable Adsense on N4M. Do this by logging it to Google Adsense and clicking on the My ads link, and the click the New ad unit button.

Give your new ad unit a name and click Save. You'll see the ad unit you created in your list of ad units on Google Adsense.

You will now receive a percentage of all Adsense ad revenue accrued on any articles, resource videos, blog posts, and more resources that you have added to the Network4Musicians.

P.S. This article was written entirely within the article builder.

Everything you need to know: from getting started to getting paid.

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