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 Q: Is Network 4 Musicians really free for musicians?
A: Yes. Network 4 Musicians is currently in the process of registering as a non-profit corporation and our main objective is to help musicians, music students, and music teachers, for free.

We even find ways to make you more money with your music skills.
 Q: How can I make money on N4M?
A: Network4Musicians lets you make an additional (or primary) income many different music related ways.

Network4Musicians not only helps you create sell your merch and tickets to your fans, but Network4Musicians also shares ad revenue with it's members when they create and link to their music related content, like:
their music videos, music tracks (songs/works), music articles & helpful videos, interviews, blog posts, cover songs, and more to come!
 Q: Why create an account?
A: Our easy to use music career self-management tools will get you booking your own gigs and tours; designing and selling your own merch and albums; and promoting your events and your music through all social media, and other music promotion networks, with just a few quick taps.

Without an account you can still browse all public blogs, articles & resources, events, and about 80% of the content available on Network 4 Musicians, but with an account you will get access to private resources, your own EPK, music career management tools, networking tools, the ability to make money and a lot more.
 Q: Can I add my band (or ensemble/group/etc.)?
A: Yes. Although the Network for Musicians does focus on the individual musician more so than other platforms, we also make it so musicians can form band/group/ensemble/etc. pages for all their music projects to easily manage and self-promote any music project they might have.
 Q: Is my information private?
A: Not unless you want it to be, but it is secure. We use AES encryption to secure your sensitive data (like passwords etc.).

Any information (phone number, email address, etc.) is hidden from spambots, but it is made public so that musicians/producers/etc. can connect with you instantly with whatever method of communication suits them right now.
 Q: Why do I have so many friends?
A: Network 4 Musicians makes it so you are automatically connected to everyone in your local network, or "node." If you signed up under a music school institution, or for a particular geographic area or subset, then you will be automatically connected to everyone else connected to the same node.

(Musicians are connected to nodes, and nodes are connected to other nodes which are indexed by geographic location or institution.)
 Q: Whats is a node?
A: A node is a community of musicians, music students, and music teachers from either: a certain geographic area; a school or campus; or a large group of connected musicians.

Communities, generally, have lots of members but each member could have multiple groups or ensembles each with multiple members.

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Is Network 4 Musicians really free for musicians?

How can I make money on N4M?

Why create an account?

Can I add my band (or ensemble/group/etc.)?


Is my information private?

Why do I have so many friends?

Whats is a node?

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