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  • Orchestral Ranges of Instruments (tessitura) +

    The ranges of Winds, Brass, Percussion, Keyboards, and Strings. More instruments and categories to come.

    Tags: Orchestra ranges, Tessitura, Winds, Brass, Percussion, Keyboards, Strings, Violin Range, Viola, Double Bass, Cello, Tuba, Trumpet, Piccolo Flute, Oboe, English Horn French Horn

  • 8 Reasons Your Guitar Improvisation Sucks +

    Guitar World article on improvising on the guitar, but aspects can also be applied to improvising in general.
    You have practiced countless hours, you know your scale positions and fingerings like the back of your hand, you can play faster than all your friends. Yet, all the solos you improvise (or write) sound kind of stale, and not like “real music”. Why? Years ago when I was a beginner this problem was driving me crazy...

    Tags: improvisation, guitar improv, improvising on your instrument

  • directoryfire +
  • Directory World - Music +
  • Teoria Music Theory & Ear Training +

    Learn and practice music theory and ear training (aural skills) online, with options for mobile

    Tags: Music Theory, Music Worksheets, Music Excercizes, Aural Skills Training, Ear Training & Sight Singing

  • Common Chord Progressions +

    A list of 20+ common chord progressions including their notation, audio, and tonality: Major, Minor, Atonal, Bitonal, Indeterminate, Phrygian, etc.

    Tags: 20 common chord changes, 50s Progression, Andalusian cadence,

  • A Brief Introduction to Pitch-Class Set Analysis +

    The music of Schoenberg, Berg, Webern, Stravinsky, Bartók, Debussy, Scriabin, and their contemporaries has formed the core repertory to which pc set analysis has been applied, but it has also been used to examine later and earlier music, including tonal music. Indeed, studying pc set analysis doesn't just give us a new toolbox for probing many pieces of music; it can give us a new way of thinking about pitch design in general.

    This guide includes some exercises, some of which you are guided through, with answers, to give you practice in dealing with analytical concepts and operations. In addition, the guide includes a pc set-class table and an annotated bibliography of basic printed and on-line resources in pc set analysis.

    Tags: PC Set Class Theory, Pitch Set Class Theory, 20th Century Music Analysis, Pan Tonal Music Analysis

  • Vanguard Guitar for Contemporary Classical Guitar +

    Some excerpts from the Vanguard Guitarist which include: extended techniques, bi-tones, and more.

    Tags: Extended Technique Guitar, Vanguard Guitar

  • Jazz Guitar Licks - Tab & Notation +


    Jazz Guitar Licks
    Home Jazz Guitar Licks

    Here's a collection of transcribed jazz guitar licks, guitar riffs and patterns. The transcriptions are written in guitar tabs and standard notation.

    Tags: Jazz Guitar, Jazz Licks Tab, Jazz Guitar Riffs, Standard Notation & Tab

  • Classical Guitar Tab - Tablature +

    Classical guitar tabs in plain text format.

    Tags: Classical Guitar Tabs, Tablature, Classical Guitar Repertoire

  • Free-Scores sheet music +

    Free-scores is a free platform for composers, arrangers and publishers as mediahosting, linking with musicians, monitoring of free sheet music. Our goal is to freely make music available to view or download. We provide a constantly growing collection of music of both many of the world's most famous composers whose music is in public domain, and all original compositions and arrangements of participation contemporary composers/arrangers...

    Tags: Music Scores, Free Sheet Music, Free Classical Music, Jazz Scores, Contemporary Composer Scores

  • iOS - Garageband +

    GarageBand turns your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — so you can make music anywhere you go. Use Multi-Touch gestures to play a piano, organ, guitar, and drums.

    Tags: iOS music composition, iOS DAW, iPhone Composition, iPad Composition

  • Android - Music Composition +

    Android - Compose Music with your phone and tablet. It cannot be any simpler and easy.

    This Music Composer is an excellent tool for music students, artists and singer song writers.

    - Musical notation editor (supports chords)
    - Calculates the size of each measure and fills automatically
    - Change tempo, clef, key signature, time signature, keys and instruments
    - Playable with 128 different instruments (Piano, Organ, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Violin, Cello, Trumpet, Drum and more)
    - Export to printable image file
    - Export to playable audio file

    Tags: Android App, Music Composition App

  • Music Quizzes, Games, Worksheets and Music Theory Help +

    Play 140+ elementary quizzes, puzzles and games about music notes, rhythms, instruments, composers, and more.

    Tags: Music Theory Games, Music Worksheets, Music Games

  • All of Bach recordings +

    Every week you can find here a new recording of one
    of Bach’s 1080 works.

    Tags: Bach recordings, JS Bach, Free Bach Recordings

  • Musical Scale Finder +

    Enter some of the notes you want or even a chord or two. This tool will find the right scales for you. Use them for solo, or to complete your melody or chord progression.

    Tags: Scale Finder, Scales and Chords finder

  • Practice Sight Reading - Rhythms +

    Rhythm is the most important part of sight reading. If you have correct rhythm but incorrect pitch, at least you will be in the correct place. If you play the correct notes but the wrong rhythm you will quickly become lost.

    Tags: Practice Sight Reading, Rhythmic Practice, Rhythm Practice

  • IMSLP / Petrucci Music Library (Free Sheet Music) +

    The IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project) has more than: 80,000 works · 277,000 scores · 29,000 recordings · 11,000 composers · 250 performers. Find scores for almost anything: from Ancient to Modern.

    Tags: Music Scores, Free Sheet Music, Free Classical Music, Jazz Scores

  • Student Ticket Links from Vancouver Classical Music +

    Van Classical Music has a link database of a few resources for students to get discounted ticket

    Tags: Classical music student tickets vancouver, Student ticket discounts, Classical Music Tickets Vancouver

  • Notation Basics: Stems & Ties, Beams, Accidentals +

    Reference for notation basics. Including stem direction, accidentals, beams and more.

    Tags: Notation Basics, Notation referance, Stems & Beams, Writing Accidentals

  • Part-Writing Quick Reference Guidelines +
  • Sound Fundamentals & Tuning Systems in brief +

    Brief overview and reference on: Just Intonation,Meantone Temperament,Pythagorean Tuning,Well Temperament,Equal Temperment,Basic Accoustics,Harmonic Series,Overtone Series, and more in brief.

    Tags: Just Intonation, Meantone Temperament, Pythagorean Tuning, Well Temperament, Equal Temperment, Basic Accoustics, Harmonic Series, Overtone Series

  • Sonic Visualiser - Spectral Analysis +

    Sonic Visualiser is an application for inspecting and analysing the contents of music audio files. It combines powerful waveform and spectral visualisation tools with automated feature extraction plugins and annotation capabilities.

    Tags: Sonic Visulizer, Spectral, Waveform analysis

  • The Orchestra: A User's Manual +

    The Orchestra: A User's Manual is one element of The Sound Exchange, a pioneering web development by the Philharmonia Orchestra. The aim of the user's manual is to provide information about the orchestra, orchestration, composition and instruments, for the benefit of anybody with an interest in the subject. Unlike conventional text-based orchestration manuals, this features movies of players explaining relevant aspects of their instruments and technique, audio clips and samples of the instruments, and illustrative music from the repertoire drawn from the Philharmonia's postwar recorded archive.

    Tags: Orchestration Manual, Composer Tools, Orchestration Examples

  • Lesson Plans Page - Music +

    This section of The Lesson Plans Page contains music lesson plans, music ideas, music lessons, music thematic units, lesson plans for teachers, Teacher.lessonplanspage.com/music/z

    Tags: Music Teacher Lesson Plans, Lesson Plans, Music Teacher Resources

  • Blank Sheet Music & Tab +

    Print blank sheet music for free, supports guitar and bass tabs too, ready-to-print sheets in a few seconds, no software to download and install, no watermarks

    Tags: Free Music Scores, Guitar Tab

  • Good Ear Ear Training +

    This free ear training site helps you to develop good ears.
    Exercises: Intervals, Scales, Chords, and more...

    Tags: Ear training, Music theory tests, Online Aural Skills, Interval drills, Sight Singing, Sight Reading

  • MuseScore +

    Create, play back and print beautiful sheet music with free and easy to use music notation software MuseScore. For Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Tags: MuseScore, Free Notation Software, Music Notation, Sibelius alternative

  • Presto Metronome for Music Students +

    Presto Metronome is free and can improve your speed and accuracy on any instrument. Presto has all of the typical things you would expect from a modern metronome, plus some excellent training tools.

    Tags: Metronome, Training Metronome, Multi instrument metronome, Music Training Tools

  • Kevin Robb videos +

    20 videos
    Kevin has Been actively engaged in music since 1997, when he started playing guitar. He began in the genres of Blues and Rock, and eventually progressed into various other genres, covering much musical ground. Kevin has experience in most areas of the music scene, in studio, live, production, and business. He Graduated from Douglas College with both an Audio Engineering Certificate and a Fine Arts Diploma, majoring in Classical guitar. He is a former student of Michael Strutt, Hanh Nguyen, and Adrian Verdejo. Kevin completed his Bachelors Degree in Music at VCC, again majoring in Classical Guitar. He is very excited to be teaching and is looking forward to meeting with new students, and helping them start their musical endeavours! As of late his Main Projects have been Grizzly Bones, Solo Classical, Recording/Producing, and the New West Minister District Jazz Band, along with composition for commercial work, and the various gigs and jobs that come from meeting new people to work with on musical endeavours.

  • Steven Botel videos +

    1 videos
    Vancouver based classical guitarist playing a diverse repertoire and holding a fluent technical command of the instrument. Composer of dark and vivid soundscapes.

  • Timothy Tweedale videos +

    4 videos
    Tim Tweedale has been playing dobro professionally for the past fifteen years. He has devoted particular attention to his study and interpretation of Hawaiian, blues and bluegrass music, which gives his dobro style its unique sound.  Tim specializes in collaborations with other musicians, and has toured Europe with Yukon artist Sarah MacDougall from 2009-2012, lending his sweet sounds to MacDougall's album "The Greatest Ones Alive" which won the WCMA for best solo recording of 2012. Tim also teaches dobro, is an active member of the bluegrass community and is working at creating community with other dobro players in Vancouver and the lower mainland through education, gatherings and sharing of repertoire.

  • Mark Hildebrand videos +

    1 videos
    Little Mark loved sports. Hockey, football, baseball – he played them all. But Mom

    always made sure he made time to practice the piano. Later, finding his true passion in

    the guitar, he was grateful for every moment of that discipline.

    Born and raised in BC, in a home filled with classical piano, western guitar, and hymns

    of the church, Mark's musical journey was, from the start, diverse. Upon discovering the

    guitar as a young teen, he continued to explore and experiment with many styles of

    sound. He would listen to, and study, every great artist he came across, from Phil

    Keaggy, to Carlos Santana.

    As a young man, he won the Royal Conservatory of Music silver medal while training in

    classical guitar. Mark has continued to challenge himself as a classical guitarist,

    transcribing difficult pieces, and composing new finger-style works that showcase this

    training. Some of these instrumentals appear on his album with One Acre, titled Big

    Back Yard.

    In the end, however, his heart was won by the blues. Mark has always admired

    contemporary blues artists like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Stevie Ray Vaughn, but the

    older he gets, the more he finds himself diving into material by the old masters, like

    Robert Johnson, Son House and Lead Belly. The result of that passion lead to a

    nomination for a Covenant award by the Gospel Music Association in the Blues

    category for a song he wrote and recorded - Waiting For the Resurrection.

    Whether composing original pieces, performing live, or teaching music at a local

    college, Mark’s talent is in demand. He has also been a guitarist for hire for international

    performers needing a local musician who is a quick study. His most recent effort

    included writing, producing, singing, playing guitar, and lap steel on two recent singles,

    Under the Same Sun, and Waiting for the Resurrection, available currently on CD Baby

    at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/markhildebrand.

    Mark has mastered many styles, but what defines him best is how he patiently abides in

    the Creator of all music. In the song, Language of Love from his first album by the same

    name, he writes, “Quiet your heart, don’t make a noise. Listen to that still small voice.”

    The value he stores in this is best expressed by C.S. Lewis: "You don't have a soul. You

    are a soul. You have a body."

    Hear him play.

    You'll know it's true.

  • Kerry Galloway videos +

    3 videos
    Kerry’s thirty years of experience as a musician and musical educator is anchored in over three decades of industry experience in roles from bassist to producer to copyist to composer. His experience spans styles from rap (Sweatshop Union) to pop-opera (Canadian Tenors) to fusion jazz (New Noakes Quartet), country (k.d. lang), klezmer (Olam), “Buddha Bar” style lounge/chillout (Astrid), latin (Gabriel Palatchi Trio), funk, R&B, reggae, Brazilian, salsa and many others. He is the musical director of Steelin' In The Years, Vancouver's tribute to Steely Dan.


    Kerry’s extensive teaching experience includes Bass PMI at Capilano College (including the creation of their first jury requirements for degree studies in bass performance), the Courtney Youth Music Center and the New Westminster Jazz Clinic, and courses ranging from Theory of Record Production, Electronic Music and Music Theory at the Pacific Audio Visual and Harbourside Institutes. Kerry’s roster of private bass students have included such now-nationally-renowned bassists Marc Rogers, Andre Lachance and Darren Radtke. He was a co-founder of the Vancouver Bass Conference (a 3 day "bass boot camp”) and the Pacific Jazz Inventors Association, has worked both locally and internationally as a clinician, was a one-time collaborator on Logic Networks (a third-party manual for an earlier version of Apple Logic) and is currently authoring his own text called Bare Knuckle Music Theory, a "graphic novel of Music Theory". His online lessons at activebass.com have garnered a staggering 1,000,000+ page views and remained consistently in activebass.com’s “Top 10 Most Popular Lessons” out of 9000+ for a decade.


    Kerry has been studio bassist on hundreds of albums spanning a compendium of styles for artists such as Sweatshop Union (Local 604), Curtis (Portrait Of The Artist), Dan Mangan (Postcards and Daydreaming), M (a.k.a. Robin Scott ("Pop Music"), Gabriel Palatchi Trio (Trivolution). He has served as tour bassist with artists ranging from the Canadian Tenors, k.d. lang (including performances on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson) and Leon Bibb; live performances with the Vancouver Symphony, Rolf Harris, Bob Hope, and is a veteran of fourteen European tours as featured soloist with the Paris-based New Noakes Quartet.

    on the other side of the glass -

    Kerry’s productions range from acoustic folk (Michael Friedman "Random Acts Of Tuning"), electronica/lounge (Astrid "Red Umbrella"), offbeat klezmer (Olam. "Foreign Dreams"), driving R&B jazz (Steve Hilliam "Inside The Lines") and zany-meets sultry cabaret (Libeatos, "Libeatos"). Hhis work for film and TV has included music editing for the Cartoon Network’s #1 series Ed, Edd and Eddy; his “miscellaneous musical duties” have ranged from ghostwriting cues for film and television to the creation of the accompanying charts and transcriptions for Randy Bachman’s DVD/book release "Every Song Tells A Story".


    kd lang♦Sweatshop Union♦The Canadian Tenors♦Randy Bachman♦Gabriel Palatchi Trio♦Michael Friedman♦Steelin' In The Years♦Bob Hope♦Leon Bibb♦Renee Rosnes♦Bobby Shew♦Carol Welsman♦Junction♦Hugh Fraser♦Brad Turner♦Phil Dwyer♦Michael Blake♦Ron Johnston♦Oliver Gannon♦Ihor Kukurudza♦The Daryl Jahnke Group♦ Triode♦Karin Plato♦Kate Hammett- Vaughan♦John Korsrud's Hard Rubber Orchestra♦Alma Libre♦Rumba Calzada♦The New Ozone Rangers ♦ theatre credits that include Fire♦Love Is Strange♦Jesus Christ Superstar♦Godspell♦Sideshow♦Leon Bibb♦Herman Muller♦Jake and Elwood's Blues Brothers Revue♦Six Women With Braindeath♦Anyone Can See I Love You♦Skool


    Vancouver Community College (‘81/83) [bass performance]
    Banff School of Fine Arts (‘85/86 summer sessions) [advanced jazz performance concepts with Dave Liebman, Marvin “Smitty” Smith, Don Thompson, John Abercrombie, Julian Priester, Cecil Taylor]
    Capilano College (’92) [arranging, MIDI music]
    Vancouver Community College (2014/2016) [composition]

    industry service

    Pacific Music Industry Association (member Executive Board, Government Relations and West Coast Music Awards committees)
    Pacific Jazz Inventors Association (co-founder, president 1999-2003)
    Vancouver Musicians Association Local 145 (signatory)
    National Association of Macintosh Trainers
    Fraser MacPherson Scholarship Fund (juror)
    MITAP (juror)

  • Giorgio Magnanensi videos +

    2 videos
    A composer and conductor devoted to contemporary music. Described by acclaimed composer Franco Donatoni as "a composer, musician and conductor of great talent and one of the most interesting personalities of the Italian generation," Giorgio Magnanensi has gained an international reputation winning numerous composition awards, and serving as conductor for a number of esteemed Canadian and international new music ensembles. He lectures at the University of British Columbia (UBC) School of Music and Vancouver Community College.

  • Kai Zerweck videos +

    2 videos
    Unsere Band entstand 1998 als Trio und hat sich seitdem nach und nach personell verstärkt und musikalisch weiterentwickelt. Zur Zeit sind es fünf Bandmitgleder.

    Das Repertoire der Potheen Rovers reicht von wohlbekannten Klassikern, die in Irish Pubs häufig zu hören sind, bis hin zu weniger bekannten Songs oder Stücken zeitgenössicher Interpreten des Folk. Mit mehrstimmigem Gesang und den typischen Instrumenten präsentieren wir Songs, die wir selbst gut finden und gern hörenn, auf unsere uns typische Art und Weise. Das uns diese Musik Spaß macht merkt man schnell. Die Potheen Rovers sind eben eine Liveband, die mit ihrer Musik und Geschichten zu den Liedern ein abendfüllendes Programm für einen Pub oder jede andere Bühne bietet.

  • Rob West videos +

    3 videos
    Rob West is a Canadian composer of dark sound-scapes, lilting melodies, and works that often have a distinctly Canadian connection, as well as introspective compositions that often borrow sounds and ideas from the local surroundings and culture from Vancouver Canada.

    Rob West trained as a classical guitarist under Michale Strutt (a former student of Julian Bream) and Hanh Nguyen (who studied with Leo Brouwer and Pepe Romero, among others), and studied composition with Douglas Gwynn Smith, John Korsrud, and Giorgio Magnanensi.

    In 2013 Rob obtained his associates degree in classical guitar performance from Douglas College after completing the University Transfer diploma, and music certificate program. Rob teaches music lessons privately and is currently continuing his composition studies at Vancouver Community college with Giorgio Magnanensi and taking classical guitar lessons with Adrian Verdejo.

    Rob has been an active musician in Vancouver for over 10 years: composing, performing, recording, and volunteering his time with local musicians, bands, and music students. Rob has some experience playing the: trumpet, trombone, f-horn, as well as the flute and has a firm understanding of classical and modern music theory, rhythm, and harmony.

    Rob has a background in computer and internet programing which he utilizes to build custom software, apps, and websites to help his students, and colleagues, to accelerate their music growth, fluency, and music careers. Rob also built a not for profit social network and career self-management website for musicians, music students, and music teachers called Network4Musicians.com, and helps to manage it with four other local Vancouver musicians.

    Rob has also performed locally with many different ensembles and has played in guitar ensembles for over 5 years straight. Rob continues to write, play, and teach music on a daily basis and continues to try to challenge himself to grow as a musician, a teacher, and as a composer.

  • Garrett Coffman videos +

    1 videos

  • Connor Gilkinson videos +

    3 videos
    Metal is a crowded genre, populated with hundreds of talented musicians--similar to a dense thicket of foliage comprising a rainforest. It seems like just about every heavy band out there has a resident "shred" master capable of throwing down a mind-twisting riff or crushing groove. However, where many of metal's most noteworthy artists relegate themselves to existing in the lush greenery of the genre's inner canopy, one artist knows it's the tallest trees that get the most light--That artist is Connor Gilkinson, multitalented master of all things fretted and former lead guitarist in the viciously heavy Vancouver deathcore outfit Dawning of the Inferno. From punishing live performances to entrancing playthrough videos and everything in between, Gilkinson is your go-to for an immense variety of fresh, modern musical ingenuity.

    Gilkinson's first experience with a guitar wasn't a positive one--first fingering the fretboard at age 10, he didn't stick with it long, ditching it immediately. Three years would pass before Gilkinson would revisit guitar playing--picking it up and promptly finding himself unable to put it down. His newfound love for guitar playing led him to follow lessons and education, learning from Dave Martone and Archspire's Dean Lamb. As his talent for the instrument grew, so did his desire to put it to good use--as such, he was ushered in as lead guitarist in Dawning of the Inferno, an immensely heavy and technically tinted deathcore act hailing from the brutal wilderness of British Colombia. Gilkinson's work ethic carried over to the band, leading them to release their critically acclaimed debut EP, "Purification", and landing the band with several sponsorships from heavy music organizations such as Pure Deathcore and Pig Squeals and Breakdowns.

    Gilkinson's expertise with an eight-string has done more than score him several guest appearances on many massive heavy music offerings--it has fueled his love for music and driven him to pursue it as a career. Gilkinson has earned a music diploma from Vancouver Community College and currently working towards a Bachelor's of Applied Music Degree with a major in Jazz and Contemporary Guitar. With both superior experience in the heavy music scene and an involved education at his back, Gilkinson commands a masterful talent over a variety of services to musicians emphasizing in metal. Available for private lessons, recording, production and composition of playthrough videos, Gilkinson is a man who has found his true passion in punishing, aggressive music and is determined to help others find it as well.

  • Arthur Delahooke videos +

    3 videos

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