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  • FBass 6-string bass
  • 1974 Fender Precision
  • 1986 Fender Jazz bass
Kerry Galloway
Kerry’s thirty years of experience as a musician and musical educator is anchored in over three decades of industry experience in roles from bassist to p...

Vancouver BC Producer/Composer/Bassist 
Band Members
  • Isaiah Dobbs
  • Ben Robertson
  • Zak Haddad
  • Jacob Scheinghammer
Funk Schwey

Vancouver BC, Canada
Band Members
  • Brinley Blayney
  • Josh McHaffie
  • Jin Kim
  • + 2 more
Dawning of the Inferno

Progressive Deathcore from Vancouver, BC 
Band Members
  • Lucas Tinney
  • Andrew McGregor
  • Brad Pearson
  • Kevin Robb

Fusing rock, blues, metal, jazz and everything in between. 
Band Members
  • Phil Robertson
  • Andreas Schuld
  • Jason Decouto
  • + 7 more
Steelin' In The Years

Western Canada's top Steely Dan tribute band 
Rob West
Rob West is a Canadian composer of dark sound-scapes, lilting melodies, and works that often have a distinctly Canadian connection, as well as introspectiv...

Vancouver, BC Classical Guitar 
Band Members
  • Michael Simpson
  • Jesse Waldman
  • Monica Lee
Monica Lee Band

The Monica Lee Band 
Vancouver BC, Canada
Steven Botel
Vancouver based classical guitarist playing a diverse repertoire and holding a fluent technical command of the instrument. Composer of dark and vivid sound...

Vancouver BC Guitar 
Band Members
  • Jenna Earle
  • Karli MacIntosh
  • Tim Riopelle
  • Seah Maister
Sound of the Sun

SOTS is a clash of 60s West Coast Rock, 70s Rock and Roll, and 90s Grunge Rock with hints of folk and blues to create a seriously unique sound. 
Vancouver BC, Canada

  • Rayco Weissenborn lap steel guitar
  • Fender Blues Jr. amplifier
  • Rayco dobro
Timothy Tweedale
Tim Tweedale has been playing dobro professionally for the past fifteen years. He has devoted particular attention to his study and interpretation of Hawai...

Vancouver, BC Steel Guitar 
Band Members
  • Kat Bastow
  • Sam Jamieson
  • Mike Basswell
  • Tom Wodzianek
Hot Ceiling

Come get up and dance, we'll put you in a trance, Now we are getting the ceiling HOT! 
Vancouver BC, Canada
James Butler-Gray

  • Ibanez Pro-line
  • Gibson les Paul Classic
  • Fender Stratocaster
Kevin Robb
Kevin has Been actively engaged in music since 1997, when he started playing guitar. He began in the genres of Blues and Rock, and eventually progressed in...

Vancouver, B.C. Guitar 
Band Members
  • Blake McAndless
  • Corey Bryant
  • James Rees
  • Danielle Greschner
Windy Bridges

Folk quartet in Vancouver, BC. 
Vancouver BC, Canada
The Ivory Sleep

"Ambient sounds, soothing vocals, lyrics that rival poets such as Plath and Shakespeare." 
Vancouver BC, Canada
Sour Gout

Exoterran Skin Performances 
Vancouver BC, Canada
Group Members
  • Kerry Galloway
  • Connor Gilkinson
  • Kevin Robb
  • + 2 more
Network 4 Musicians

The social network for musicians, music students, and music teachers. Manage your music career with N4M. 
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Ibanez RG8 (8 String)
Connor Gilkinson
Metal is a crowded genre, populated with hundreds of talented musicians--similar to a dense thicket of foliage comprising a rainforest. It seems like just ...

Vancouver, BC Guitar 
  • 1972 Guild F112 12-string acoustic guitar
  • Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Signature Cry Baby Wah
  • Yamaha APX-4 steel-string acoustic/electric guitar
Scott Kusec

Vancouver, BC, Coast Salish Territory Guitar 
Band Members
  • Adrian Yee
  • Daniel Baxter
  • Trevor Wong
  • Arther Delahooke
Polar Horse

Vancouver based, math/prog/instrumental/post rock. we're not really sure 
Arthur Delahooke

Vancouver, British Columbia Drum Kit 
Laura Love

 Bass Guitar 
Mark Zaleski

 Alto Saxophone 
Jay DeWald

 Trumpet in Bb 
osvaldo Tobar

Frenesi Orquesta


Brasília/DF Mezzo-soprano Voice 
Andrew MacGregor

Seah Maister

Vancouver BC Voice 
Robert Washington

 Audio Engineering 
Joe Ebel

 Acoustic Guitar 
Tommy Wimbley

Leonardo Di Virgilio

Margarita Rodríguez

Benjamin Gomez

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley

AccraGhana Singer-Saxophone 
Tom Sabo

Jason de Couto

Andy Collins

Blzs Szonyi

Geordie Hart

JS Herm

Will Will

Johannes Rissler

 vocal, guitar, piano, synth 
Scott Rodarte tribute

Goryo Goryokaku
Goryo Goryokaku (五稜郭五稜) is a concert violinist for classical and modern music ; the soloist violinist for the concert at Collégiale Notre-Dame a...

Hamburg Germany Violin 
Jonathan Decker

Luke Page

Agnelo Fernandes

Štefan Timko

Grupo Siervas

 Acustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drum set, keyboard, cello, violin, clarinet 
Danielle Greschner

Vancouver BC voice 
Dakota Poncilius

Pritpaul Bains

Michael Goodyear

Monica Bizzocchi

Vancouver Canada Alto Voice 
Melody Nadeau

 Soprano Voice 
Zach Bergman

Vancouver BC Piano 
Suzy Easton

Anna Edwen

Jenna Bryant

Mike Buswell

 Electric Bass 
Erik Engholm

Marco Addario

Kalin Ivan

 Trumpet in Bb 
Chris Hsu
Chris Hsu is a Classical Pianist, music transcriber/arranger, and Piano teacher. He specializes in Piano works by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Rachm...

Richmond, BC Piano 
Pedro Luis

 Bass Guitar 
Jodi Van Brunt

Vancouver, BC Music administrator 
Edward Henderson

Thiago Carbonari

 Drum Kit 
Marlene CSaintfleur
Author, Composer, Songwriter and Vocalist. Living in Ontario Canada. Author from 4 Album CD.

 Guitar Acoustic 
MichaelRay Jackson

Laurence Mollerup

 Double Bass 
James Revitt

 Drum Kit 
Janette King

Scott Shryack

Denis Luchin

 Drum Kit 
Garrett Coffman

Nigel Tung
The Ivory Sleep is an experimental rock project from Surrey, British Columbia. It was originally the solo/side project of Nigel Tung, the former lead guita...

Surrey BC Guitar 
Mark Hildebrand
Little Mark loved sports. Hockey, football, baseball – he played them all. But Mom always made sure he made time to practice the piano. Later, finding h...

Surrey, BC Guitar 
Jon Nguyen

Scott Thompson

 Drum Kit 
Jazz Palley

Miles Simmons

Siavash Sadrmahdavi

Ken Morrison

 Drum kit 
Manuel Andrade

 Trumpet in Bb 
Brett Stewart
I moved here from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan to Vancouver around 6 months ago. I play Guitar, Drums, and Bass; mostly metal but have played in a variety of...

 Drums and Guitar 
Brett Goodell

Rádio Bandido
Rádio Bandido é um projeto musical pensado e concebido em 2016, que coloca em pratica o gosto e a preservação do rock-pop cantado em português que vai...

Oliveira de Azeméis, Aveiro all 
Chris Boswell

Innes Puszka

 Tenor Saxophone 
pablo melgar

Kimory Orendoff

 Tenor Voice 
Jonathan Gavilanes

 Audio Engineering 

 Drum Kit 
Gordon Pope

 Bass Guitar 
Sol Rydah

Caralyn Taylor

Vancouver, BC Voice 
DJ Wood

Michael Ohman

Castor Milano

Mirza Alendar

 Drum Kit 
Joe Koon

Francois Houle

 Clarinet in Bb 
Thyago Cruz

Joris Zwering


Greg Meyer

Twin Flames

Chris Pal

Khrys Hatch

Dean James

Tom Wodzianek

Coquitlam Guitar 
Alvin Morsov

Steven Yeager

José Gustavo Santiago Matias

Dean Nguyen

blaise de Silva

Matthew Read

 Alto Saxophone 
Madeleine Harwood

 Alto Voice 
Kyle Hagen
Kyle Hagen has established and held down a career as an active and versatile bassist for nearly twenty years. He plays electric bass and double bass coveri...

Burnaby, BC, Canada Electric Bass 
Riccie Oriach

 Tennor Voice 
Juan Gil

Medellin, Colombia piano 
Arpan Cintury

Chris Moseley

 Trumpet in Bb 
Laura Reznek
Laura Reznek is a Vancouver based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose smoky soprano and piano-driven songs give life to a cast of characters ...

Vancouver BC Soprano Voice 
Christian Pepin

San Francisco, CA Drums / Percussion  
Corey Callis

 Tennor Voice 
Paulo Borges

 Drum Kit 
Hedras Ramos

Marco Castillo

Mirza Alendar

Ravi Brasileiro

Melly Fay

 Soprano Voice 
Giordano Girotto

bolocks Balls

Laura Echeverri Zea

Keenan Clarke

Alejandro Ochoa

 Electric Guitar 
Cody Johnson

Sergio Osorno

Jody Bromley

Ian Gray

Daniel Turgeon

 Bass Guitar 
Xtina Prince


Andy Burns

Lyndsay Evans

 Soprano Voice 
RJ Miller

Matija Sudeta

 Drum Kit 
Rubens Lutero

 Audio Engineering 
Alejandro Restrepo

 Guitar - Vocals 
Kenneth Silden

Joseph Harvey

Matt Tucker

Marcelo Tevis

Dan Lop

 Tennor Voice 
John Lingle

Nate Chester

 Trumpet in Bb 
Siobhan Shiels

 Alto Voice 
Joey Gunz

Bill Hooper

Stephanie Rachel

Cath Russell

Naoko Matsui

 Violine / Geige 
jose Jaramillo

Jacob Scheinghammer

Vancouver BC Piano/Keyboard 
Luke Page

Joseph Heyward

 Soprano Saxophone 
matt bledsoe

 Drum Kit 
James diaz

will mackey


 Drum Kit 
Tobias Soley

Tristen Parr

Joseph Harvey

Deanne Franklin

 sound board 
Geoff Thistlethwaite

 Bass Guitar 
gEORGE nadzharyan

 Bass Guitar 
Malcolm Smith

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